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Newsletter #10, December 2019

– 50.000 clicks per video or How to cooperate with a science YouTuber
– Video Tip: A must see: This year’s favorite: »Albatross« by Chris Jordan
– Video Tip: A classic: The »Christmas Lecture Archive« of the Royal Institution
– Video Tip: Some fiction: »Hidden Figures«
– Video Tip: Not really science and crossmedia, but still worth your time
– Video Tip: Happy New Year: »The Science of Fireworks!« by the Royal Institution

Newsletter #9, November 2019

– YouTube’s support for climate denial under attack by Extinction Rebellion
– How to stimulate reflection on science
– Share your knowledge about online videosharing for science communication
– What makes a good knowledge video?
– Reading material: 1st German Youtube­Channel hits 10 million subscribers
– Reading material: YouTube impacts the youth – and science isn’t part of it
– Video Tip: Back to the basics: »Can a Plant Remember?« By World Science Festival
– Video Tip: Great footage, great video: »The Roots of Exploring Plant Intelligence« by World Science Festival

Newsletter #8, September 2019

– Mostly explainers: FastForwardScienceFinalists 2019
– Filmmaking courses for scientists help overcome linear narratives
– Online Journalism Awards 2019: »Breathtaking« audiovisuals
– Video Tip: When the »voice of god« is missing, emotions engage and curiosity is sparked: »Becoming« by Jan van IJken
– Video Tip: When the »voice of god« is missing, emotions engage and curiosity is sparked: »The comet« by Christian Stangl with a sound track by Wolfgang Stangl

Newsletter #7, August 2019

– Blind to the obvious – the overlooked importance of film for science communication
– Focus on fiction
– Feature film recommendation: »Mind my mind«
– Don’t trust YouTube when it comes to science
– Reading material: »YouTube science videos: The channels you should subscribe to«
– Reading material: » Latest Thinking – ein Journal mit Videopublikationen«
– Video Tip: Crack the whip! Biomechanics of a Pianist
– Video Tip: Crack the whip! How does a whip break the sound barrier?

Newsletter #6, May 2019

– How to shoot 360° video so the viewer gets the full experience
– Albatross or Humanity’s damaged relationship with the living world
– Video knowhow as an allpurpose tool for scientists
– Puzzling over video abstracts
– New: the »Science & Video« newsletter archive
– Video Tip: Natural Selection and Spatial Cognition / Curr . Biol., Feb. 7, 2019 (Vol. 29, Issue 4)
– Video Tip: »The beast in yeast«
– Video Tip: Hey Discovery #ItsOurWorldToo

Newsletter #5

– Watch videos for science! (and receive a voucher for a digital science magazine)

Newsletter #4, March 2019

– Fake news 1: Copernicus was wrong
– Fake news 2: Self-regulation of internet monopolists does work
– Streaming science
– Finally: The fictional world is becoming more »sciencey«
– Video Tip: »Drifting in the Gulf«
– Video Tip: »Universität Innsbruck: Gemeinsam sind wir Uni«

Newsletter #3, December 2018

– Fast Forward Science awards
– »Believe me, I am an expert!«
– Made to be watched
– Going global: German science channel Clixoom
– Not exactly viral stuff: How to be successful with popular lectures
– The Best European Science Film: A threedimensional polyphony of nature
– Video Tip: »3D modeling and 3D printing the cherry cake«
– Video Tip: »Treasures from the archive«
– Video Tip: »About Lulu and Nana: Twin Girls Born Healthy After Gene Surgery As Single Cell Embryos«

Newsletter #2, September 2018

– The manipulated currency of »view count«
– Truthtellers or storytellers?
– Do collaborations between YouTubers work out?
– Reading Material: »Science meets Fiction Science and Gender in Science Fiction and SitcomFormats«
– Reading Material: »Science and Culture: Raw data videos offer a glimpse into laboratory research«
– Video Tip: »Chicago Pile 1: Der erste Kernreaktor
– Video Tip: »MYCOSYNVAC feat. MC Grease da disease«
– Video Tip: Explainer Series »Energy materials«

Newsletter #1, July 2018

– YouTube – a men’s world in science communication?
– »Silbersalz Future Science Media«: German Science Film Festival and Conference
– First conference of the European Academy of Science Film at CERN
– Research Film Day – a promising event format
– Video Tip: »The tale of the Edith’s Checkerspot«
– Video Tip: »Go!«