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Storytelling through film and video has the emotional power to engage people like no other medium. Six to ten times a year this newsletter for science communicators, produced by HG Medien in cooperation with the German science magazine »Spektrum der Wissenschaft«, reported on the ever growing importance of moving images in science communication. Here Thilo Körkel, Kerstin Hoppenhaus und Sibylle Grunze pooled their long-standing expertise in the field of science communication and moving images. Thilo Körkel now publishes the magazine »New Ground – Journal for the Advances in Science«.

Newsletter #12, August 2020

– Whom do audiences of online lectures trust?
– YouTube bubbles under scrutiny and »experiencing scientific consensus«
– A »standard« for science news videos
– Reading material: Video strategies of the Senckenberg Institution and the Max Planck Society
– Reading material: Podcast episode »Science in fiction«
– Reading material: How science communication translates to film
– Video Tip: Dancing the zebrafish: A list of this year’s winners of the »Dance your Ph.D. contest«

Newsletter #11, March 2020

– YouTube is not for amateurs any more
– Two studies about videos in science communication explore the potential of storytelling and »experiencing scientific consensus«
– Optimize your video to optimize your impact!
– Reading material: »Identifizierung von Merkmalen wissenschaftlicher 360°-Videos «
– Reading material: How to investigate neurotechnology by short fiction films
– Reading material: SciFi movies as entry into technology ethics
– Reading material: Learn from these climate videos!
– Reading material: Growing article collection about videos in science communication
– Reading material: Science communication researchers not amused about YouTube
– Video Tip: Protecting and preserving for the future: A YouTube playlist by the Leibniz research museums

Newsletter #10, December 2019

– 50.000 clicks per video or How to cooperate with a science YouTuber
– Video Tip: A must see: This year’s favorite: »Albatross« by Chris Jordan
– Video Tip: A classic: The »Christmas Lecture Archive« of the Royal Institution
– Video Tip: Some fiction: »Hidden Figures«
– Video Tip: Not really science and crossmedia, but still worth your time
– Video Tip: Happy New Year: »The Science of Fireworks!« by the Royal Institution

Newsletter #9, November 2019

– YouTube’s support for climate denial under attack by Extinction Rebellion
– How to stimulate reflection on science
– Share your knowledge about online videosharing for science communication
– What makes a good knowledge video?
– Reading material: 1st German Youtube­Channel hits 10 million subscribers
– Reading material: YouTube impacts the youth – and science isn’t part of it
– Video Tip: Back to the basics: »Can a Plant Remember?« By World Science Festival
– Video Tip: Great footage, great video: »The Roots of Exploring Plant Intelligence« by World Science Festival

Newsletter #8, September 2019

– Mostly explainers: FastForwardScienceFinalists 2019
– Filmmaking courses for scientists help overcome linear narratives
– Online Journalism Awards 2019: »Breathtaking« audiovisuals
– Video Tip: When the »voice of god« is missing, emotions engage and curiosity is sparked: »Becoming« by Jan van IJken
– Video Tip: When the »voice of god« is missing, emotions engage and curiosity is sparked: »The comet« by Christian Stangl with a sound track by Wolfgang Stangl

Newsletter #7, August 2019

– Blind to the obvious – the overlooked importance of film for science communication
– Focus on fiction
– Feature film recommendation: »Mind my mind«
– Don’t trust YouTube when it comes to science
– Reading material: »YouTube science videos: The channels you should subscribe to«
– Reading material: » Latest Thinking – ein Journal mit Videopublikationen«
– Video Tip: Crack the whip! Biomechanics of a Pianist
– Video Tip: Crack the whip! How does a whip break the sound barrier?

Newsletter #6, May 2019

– How to shoot 360° video so the viewer gets the full experience
– Albatross or Humanity’s damaged relationship with the living world
– Video knowhow as an allpurpose tool for scientists
– Puzzling over video abstracts
– New: the »Science & Video« newsletter archive
– Video Tip: Natural Selection and Spatial Cognition / Curr . Biol., Feb. 7, 2019 (Vol. 29, Issue 4)
– Video Tip: »The beast in yeast«
– Video Tip: Hey Discovery #ItsOurWorldToo

Newsletter #5

– Watch videos for science! (and receive a voucher for a digital science magazine)

Newsletter #4, March 2019

– Fake news 1: Copernicus was wrong
– Fake news 2: Self-regulation of internet monopolists does work
– Streaming science
– Finally: The fictional world is becoming more »sciencey«
– Video Tip: »Drifting in the Gulf«
– Video Tip: »Universität Innsbruck: Gemeinsam sind wir Uni«

Newsletter #3, December 2018

– Fast Forward Science awards
– »Believe me, I am an expert!«
– Made to be watched
– Going global: German science channel Clixoom
– Not exactly viral stuff: How to be successful with popular lectures
– The Best European Science Film: A threedimensional polyphony of nature
– Video Tip: »3D modeling and 3D printing the cherry cake«
– Video Tip: »Treasures from the archive«
– Video Tip: »About Lulu and Nana: Twin Girls Born Healthy After Gene Surgery As Single Cell Embryos«

Newsletter #2, September 2018

– The manipulated currency of »view count«
– Truthtellers or storytellers?
– Do collaborations between YouTubers work out?
– Reading Material: »Science meets Fiction Science and Gender in Science Fiction and SitcomFormats«
– Reading Material: »Science and Culture: Raw data videos offer a glimpse into laboratory research«
– Video Tip: »Chicago Pile 1: Der erste Kernreaktor
– Video Tip: »MYCOSYNVAC feat. MC Grease da disease«
– Video Tip: Explainer Series »Energy materials«

Newsletter #1, July 2018

– YouTube – a men’s world in science communication?
– »Silbersalz Future Science Media«: German Science Film Festival and Conference
– First conference of the European Academy of Science Film at CERN
– Research Film Day – a promising event format
– Video Tip: »The tale of the Edith’s Checkerspot«
– Video Tip: »Go!«Weiterlesen…